Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

It Works Podcast #2 mit S_EncE(eden.deeply)

"Hi my name is S_EncE (pronounced like essence) and i´m from northern germany. I started making music about twelve years ago when a friend of mine got Propellerhead ReBirth. From that day on i spent a lot of my money on things for music-production. First i started with Propellerhead Reason Version 1.0. Later on i bought some hardware and was hooked on the knobs and cables-thing.Today, all of my music comes just from hardware, computer is just used to record it. Since 2 years my tracks come up like this:
i start the machines, program some patterns and melodies and then hit the record button and start a live-jam-thing. So, there is definately no total recall and stuff like that. Once a track is recorded i would not change it.
The reason why i´m producing music is that there are so many ideas and sounds and feelings in my mind that had to get out. And for me the only way to get them out is to jam with my machines.
Thanks for your interest."

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